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Our Services

Flotron offers the following services:

Temporary or permanent data logging of:

  • Sewer networks (level & flow)
  • Rain rate and total
  • Water & electricity meters
  • Network pressure (Critical points and PRVs)
  • Borehole and Reservoir level
  • Fluid analytics (pH, EC, DO and Cl)
  • Pump run time
  • Open channel flow meters (WTW & WWTW)

Calibration of instrumentation:

  • Open channel flow meters
  • pH, EC & DO probes
  • Level sensors

Non-intrusive flow measurement

  • In-situ flow meter verifications
  • Pump flow checking
  • Flow rate indication and logging

Flow meter installations

  • Hot-tap insertion flow meter installations
  • Installation & commissioning of magnetic flow meters
  • Open channel flow meter installations


  • Pump trip alarms
  • Reservoir low level & high level alarms


  • Electronic flow meters
  • Level transmitters
  • Data loggers
  • Controllers